Khroma 2.3.2

Set your own color schemes for your Palm

Khroma is a full featured editor for PalmOS User Interface color tables. These tables define colors for virtually all components of the user interface. A collection of colors, or "scheme", may set as the active color table which colorizes applications using the system settings. Schemes may be saved into Khroma's database and reloaded for activating or editing.

Features of Khroma include:

  • Color selection with a unique popup color picker or the Palm's native pickers.
  • Full database support with open, save, save as, revert, delete functions & categories.
  • Color data can be displayed as text and exported and imported via the memo database.
  • An Auto Scheme function helps jump-start scheme creation.
  • A built-in icon transparency editor gets rid of those pesky opaque icon backgounds.
  • Screen depth can be checked and set within Khroma.

A fun program for picking your favorite PDA color scheme.

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Khroma 2.3.2

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